Cat Natural Essential Oils Flea And Tick Collar - 8 months

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Notice: We just update our packing for better user experience, the reviews shown the old ones. This Flea Collar work for both dogs and cats

  Let SpreePaws pet collar help you and your pet fight against them easily. Made of 100% natural components, including Eucalyptus and Citronella oil, SpreePaws flea prevention collars can protect your furry pets against harmful pests up to 8 months.

【Long-term Protection 】 Normal conditions, this product up to eight months 
(even in water).

【Safety & toxic free】This collar removes insects such as fleas and mosquitoes by immersing them for several months with plant extract. It is safe for pets and humans.

【Waterproof & Lightweight】 This collar, which removes this fleece, is waterproof design and it is not necessary to remove the collar when the pet is taking a bath. Besides, it is light and it is not a burden on dogs and cats.

【Adjustable】 This collar can be adjusted by the size of your loved pet. If it 
is too long, you can cut the extra length.

【Target】It is a cat, a dog for 8 weeks or more. If the pet is sick, pregnant, 
or elderly, please ask your pet doctor before using it.

Suitable for neck circumference within 60cm, full length: 63.5cm, bandwidth: 1cm 
Use with pets that are at least 8 weeks old 
Do not let children play with the collar Do not allow the pet to chew or eat the collar