Slumber England Style Pet Bed

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When your pet settles in for a nap on the Slumber England Style Pet Bed, she’ll feel like a pampered pet. This comfy bed is soft and cozy and made from high-quality, durable materials. The super-thick walls and cushiony bottom create the perfect snoozing spot.

The Slumber England Style Pet Bed features a print in neutral colors that will make an attractive addition to your home décor. It’s easy to clean and portable for travel. And it comes in three different sizes, so it’ perfect for both big and small cats and dogs to curl up in.


  • Pattern: Plaid
  • Feature: Removable Cover
  • Material: Faux Fur
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Weight: 600g -1200g
  • Size: 65x50x15cm